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The complexity of modern public health issues requires an interdisciplinary approach that involves teams of scientists to conduct epidemiological research, biostatisticians to interpret and evaluate their data, health policymakers and public health program directors to design a response, and finally, educators and frontline medical and mental health professionals to put policy into action. Of course, a similar cycle begins anew as public health programs, initiatives and educational campaigns are evaluated for efficacy.

And this represents just one aspect of the global public health system of the 21st century.

From environmental health specialists and engineers to emergency management directors and disease preparedness researchers – among dozens of other specialists – in the United States alone there is a projected need for a quarter million new public health workers by 2020.

As members of the public health professional community, we recognized that it was time for a new kind of resource – a resource that would serve aspiring public health professionals and existing members of the public health professional community in every field as they consider educational options.

PublicHealthCareerEDU.org represents the work of an editorial staff made up of health communications professionals working closely with colleagues in virtually every field of public health – from research scientists to policymakers. We created PublicHealthCareerEDU.org to provide existing and aspiring public health professionals with the information necessary to begin developing an educational plan to support a long and rewarding career in the public health sector.

As the Master of Public Health (MPH) continues to be recognized for providing the interdisciplinary education best suited to the complexities of public health work in the 21st century, readers will find PublicHealthCareerEDU.org is decidedly focused on presenting the educational options available to aspiring graduate students in the public health sector.

Featuring state-by-state educational guides framed in the context of local and regional public health concerns, as well as resources on public health in the global context, PublicHealthCareerEDU.org seeks to provide information on education options relevant to public health work at all levels and in all fields.

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